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Pranic Healing can help almost anything!

Pranic Healers use specific protocols that address everything from very complicated to very simple conditions. By supporting the body’s natural ability to heal, healing is faster and easier. After one or more sessions, most people see noticeable improvements.

Physical conditions treated include:


blood disorders;


cardiovascular disease (including hypertension);

central nervous system disease;

disorders of the eyes, ears, nose & throat;

endocrine ailments;

gastrointestinal ailments;



respiratory illness & allergies;

skin conditions;

urinary & reproductive ailments; and

skeletal & muscular disorders.

Emotional and mental conditions are addressed energetically by Pranic Psychotherapy and include:








stress and more.


Because emotional imbalances often go hand-in-hand with relationship, financial, career and other life challenges, many people see improvements in these areas after Pranic Healing.

Pranic Healing is also great for wellness & prevention. Sessions are very relaxing; everyone feels better after a healing!

Sessions may be conducted remotely 


Distant sessions operate on the principle of quantum entanglement or what Albert Einstein called, “spooky action at a distance.” They are conducted remotely, with you in your home and your healer working from his or her office.


Results are equally effective distantly as in-person. 

To try Pranic Healing, email or come to one of our events! Click here to RSVP.


What clients say...


My experience from Pranic Healing with Alison was extremely helpful. I came in with shoulder pain that was radiating down into my hands and fingers. It was going on for 6 months and is now gone - Paula C.

Alison is unique in where she offers another tool to alleviate pain and promotes healing without drugs. She is professional, knowledgeable, and provides a comfortable environment for her patients who want to be pain free so they can enjoy life with a purpose - Carole


After the session, I felt much more relaxed. There was less stress & tension. My muscles had loosened up - David


I felt amazing. The pain was completely gone - Jacqueline


I'm very pleased with the sessions. I don't feel the need to eat to self-soothe anymore. I feel loved & supported....  I feel awesome! - Paula F.

I had a healing session with Alison to work through a phobia I have, and she's amazing. I'm pretty wary of receiving energy work from just anyone, but the moment she began working with me I felt safe. After the session, I felt completely relaxed and back in balance. - Sora Lee


Alison is a true beacon of light! Her session emulates love, which I believe is necessary to facilitate healing. Most recently, unknown to me (I thought I was coping), she cleared my heart chakra of a profound sadness caused by my mothers death. - Denise


I went to Alison for relief from physical pain and it worked! - Christina

Alison’s healing sessions are a great way to relax and pamper yourself. Her energy is positive and her intuition is spot on. Alison facilitates a high vibrational environment which promotes healing and a general sense of wellbeing - Nicole

I consider Alison very gifted with Pranic healing I never had a session with it before this, It was very relaxing I felt some much energy moving around and out of my body. It was a powerful session and enjoyed it. I would like Alison to work on me again for sure - Dottie

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