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Pranic Healing and the Journey to Wholeness: Why More Might Be Needed When Starting from Behind

Pranic Healing is a powerful tool for supporting overall health and can be particularly beneficial for individuals struggling with various health concerns. However, a common question arises: why do people in poor health typically require more Pranic Healing sessions compared to their healthier counterparts?

Understanding the underlying principle of Pranic Healing is key to answering this question. Prana flows through the body's energy pathways, called chakras, and nourishes its organs and systems. When illness strikes, blockages or imbalances can occur in these pathways, hindering the proper flow of prana and leading to various physical and emotional symptoms. Over time, these imbalances can become entrenched, becoming more difficult to remove.

Here's a breakdown of why people in poor health might require more sessions:

  • Deeper blockages: Longstanding health issues often indicate deeper energetic imbalances that have accumulated over time. These blockages have become the body's "new normal" and require more sessions to effectively clear.

  • Weakened energy system: Poor health can deplete the body's prana reserves, making it challenging for the body to naturally heal and rebalance itself. Pranic Healing helps replenish these reserves, but it might take more sessions to reach a point of self-sufficiency.

  • Greater sensitivity: Individuals with compromised health are often more sensitive to prana, experiencing stronger reactions during sessions. This necessitates a slower and more gradual approach to avoid overwhelming the system.

  • Addressing the root cause: Pranic Healing goes beyond symptom relief and aims to address the underlying energetic imbalances that contribute to the illness. This deeper work often requires more sessions to fully unravel and heal.


It's important to remember that Pranic Healing is not a magic bullet and should be used in conjunction with conventional medical treatment when necessary. However, for those seeking a holistic approach to healing and well-being, Pranic Healing can be a valuable tool in their journey, regardless of their starting point.

Just like any journey, the path to wholeness can be unique for each individual. Some may reach their destination swiftly, while others might require a longer, more winding route. The key is to remain patient, trust the process, and embrace the healing potential that lies within.

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