Anyone can learn!

You don't have to be a healthcare pro to be a great Pranic Healer. Although many nurses, physicians, counselors, therapists, teachers & others learn Pranic Healing, the best healers are anyone who cares!

If you have a someone or something in your life you want to heal, you can be an excellent Pranic Healer.

MCKS Level 2: Advanced Pranic Healing


Prerequisite: MCKS Level 1 Basic Pranic Healing


Date: Saturday, Dec. 11 & Sunday, Dec. 12, 10am - 6 pm both days


Location: City of Angels NJ, Inc., 392 Church St., Hamilton, NJ 08620

Social distancing will be in effect. 


Tuition for new students: $500

Tuition for reviewing students: $125

To register, please click here to send your tuition to RJ Kritzer at Paypal.

You will receive an email confirmation upon receipt.


For questions, email


Putting it into practice


After you've learned the basics, higher level Pranic Healing classes can teach you how to work faster and more efficiently. 

There is also a growing PA/NJ-based community that can help you practice. Resources include:


* our Healer Tools Facebook group for Q&A, tips & info;


* weekly online healing events where you can practice with other Pranic Healers;


* our Covid Healing Pod, which meets 3x/week via Zoom and works together on Covid patients;

* special online classes & events just for healers;

* IRL get togethers for our local Pranic Healing group.

If you've taken Pranic Healing Level 1 or higher and would like to participate, email