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Ascending the Ladder: Exploring Higher-Level Pranic Healing Classes


Pranic Healing offers a multifaceted path to wholeness. While foundational courses equip you with essential practices like scanning, clearing, and energizing, higher-level classes unlock potent tools for transformative growth. The following courses are available, at selected Pranic Healing centers, to students who have completed Basic and Advanced Pranic Healing. Please note that certain classes have additional pre-requisites within the Pranic Healing course curriculum.

1. Pranic Psychotherapy: Go beyond the physical and delve into the realm of the mind. This course explores the intricate relationship between emotions, thoughts, and energy. You'll learn to identify and release negative thought patterns, emotional blockages, and subconscious limiting beliefs, paving the way for deeper healing and inner peace. Techniques like Pranic Psychotherapy protocols and advanced clearing methods become your allies in navigating the emotional landscape.

2. Pranic Crystal Healing: Harness the vibrant energies of crystals to amplify your healing practice. Learn how to choose, cleanse, and program crystals for specific purposes, empowering them to address physical and emotional ailments. From pain management to enhancing specific chakras, crystal healing adds a potent dimension to your Pranic repertoire.

3. Psychic Self-Defense: Navigate the energetic world with confidence and clarity. This course equips you with techniques for shielding yourself from negative energies, psychic intrusions, and emotional manipulation. Learn to build and maintain a strong aura, discern energetic influences, and set healthy boundaries in your interactions.

4. Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul: Embark on a journey of spiritual expansion. This course delves into the concept of the Higher Soul, our divine essence, and explores techniques for aligning with its wisdom and power. Through meditation, character refinement exercises, and Pranic techniques, you'll cultivate a deeper connection to your true self and unlock your innate potential.

5. Pranic Facelift & Body Sculpting: Blend beauty with healing. This course introduces advanced Pranic techniques to enhance your physical appearance in a holistic way. Learn to revitalize your skin, stimulate lymphatic drainage, and refine facial contours through the application of prana. Witness the transformative power of energy as you radiate vitality and confidence from within.

6. Pranic Feng Shui: Infuse your living space with harmonizing energy. This course guides you in applying Pranic principles to create a home that supports well-being and prosperity. Learn to identify and correct imbalances in your environment, optimize energy flow, and attract positive life changes through the strategic placement of objects and colors.

7. Arhatic Yoga: Experience the yoga of synthesis. This unique school combines powerful meditation techniques with profound spiritual teachings to awaken dormant Kundalini energy, leading to profound physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation. Awaken your inner power and discover the true potential of your energy body and your life.

8. Spiritual Business Management: Apply spiritual principles to your professional life. This course equips you with tools for building a successful and ethical business based on integrity, intuition, and service. Learn to attract clients through positive energy, manage finances with abundance consciousness, and navigate challenges with wisdom and grace.

9. Arhatic Sexual Alchemy: Transform your sexual energy into a force for spiritual growth. This course explores the sacred power of sexual energy and its potential for unlocking higher consciousness. Learn to transmute and redirect sexual energy through Pranic practices, leading to increased vitality, emotional balance, and a deeper connection to your divine essence.

10. Higher Clairvoyance: Sharpen your intuitive perception and unlock the secrets of the unseen. This course guides you in developing your sixth sense through Pranic techniques and practices. Learn to interpret subtle energy signals, receive guidance from your Higher Self, and experience the interconnectedness of all things.

11. Kriyashakti: This advanced practice, reserved for highly trained practitioners, unlocks the secrets of manifestation.

12. OM Mani Padme Hum: Unravel the profound meaning and transformative potential of this sacred mantra. This course delves into the seven syllables of the mantra, each representing a different aspect of our being, and guides you in harnessing its energy for healing, enlightenment, and liberation.

13. Spiritual Essence of Man: Embark on a journey of self-discovery. This course explores the different components of our being – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – and guides you in understanding your unique place within the universe. Discover your purpose, connect with your divine spark, and realize the full potential of your human existence.

14. Universal & Kabbalistic Meditation on The Lord’s Prayer: Unify with the divine through this powerful meditation practice. This course explores the profound wisdom hidden within the Lord’s Prayer and guides you in using it as a springboard for deep inner exploration and connection.

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