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Pranic Healing for Severe Illnesses: More is Usually Better


Pranic Healing, a complementary technique based on bioenergy manipulation, offers unique energetic support for various health conditions. One of key factors affecting how many sessions will be required is the severity of the illness, disease or condition being treated. Pranic Healers work with cases ranging from preventative, asymptomatic or mild thru to severe, including patients who are hospitalized and even sedated or comatose.

Firstly, let's understand the core principle of Pranic Healing. This modality of Energy Healing posits that a healthy bioenergy field, consisting of prana (vital energy) circulating through energy centers (chakras) and pathways (nadis), underpins physical and emotional well-being. Disease, according to this model, manifests as disruptions or irregularities in this energy system. The aim of Pranic Healing is to clear these irregularities, allowing prana to flow smoothly and evenly, thereby promoting natural self-healing within the body.

Now, for severe illnesses, the nature and extent of these energy disturbances tend to be more pronounced and entrenched. Imagine a clogged river versus a slightly murky stream. Both require cleaning, but the severely clogged river needs more intensive and frequent dredging compared to the stream. Similarly, with severe illnesses, the energy blockages or irregularities are often deeper and more complex, requiring a higher frequency of Pranic Healing sessions to achieve noticeable improvement.

The protocols utilized by Pranic Healers reflect this. For severe conditions like cancer, chronic pain, or organ dysfunction, the recommended frequency ranges from daily to multiple times a day, depending on the individual's case and response to treatment. This increased frequency aims to address the larger energy imbalances present and accelerate the healing process.

Several factors contribute to this logic. Firstly, severe illnesses typically deplete the body's vital energy reserves. Regular Pranic Healing sessions help replenish and energize the system, providing the necessary fuel for the body's own healing mechanisms to function optimally. Secondly, the deeper energy blockages associated with these conditions tend to re-form over time. Frequent sessions help prevent this build-up, maintaining a clear and conducive energy field for sustained healing.

Furthermore, it's important to consider the psychological aspect of severe illness. The stress and anxiety associated with such conditions can further compromise the bioenergy field. Regular Pranic Healing sessions offer emotional support and stress relief, creating a calmer and more receptive environment for healing to occur.

It's important to note that the frequency recommendations are not prescriptive but tailored to individual needs. A qualified Pranic Healing practitioner will assess the specific condition, energy field, and overall health of the individual to determine the optimal frequency of sessions.

In conclusion, the severity of an illness directly influences the recommended frequency of Pranic Healing sessions. More severe conditions, with their larger and more persistent energy blockages and disruptions, require regular sessions to facilitate deep healing and maintain a clear energy field conducive to recovery. While Pranic Healing cannot replace conventional medical treatment, it offers valuable complementary support in managing severe illnesses, with its effectiveness often amplified by consistent and frequent sessions.

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