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Things you can do on your own to stay energetically healthy...


Cut or pull the energetic cords from yourself to anything that stresses you. Visualize throwing them into a green or violet flame. Repeat as often as necessary.

Get Outside at Least 10 Minutes

Get outside at least 10 minutes each day, especially on windy or sunny days.

Cleanse, Cleanse, Cleanse!

Throw some salt or baking soda into your bathwater, use a salt scrub in the shower, burn incense or sage, bring a cactus or cleansing crystal into your work or living space.

Re-charge Your Energy

Walk barefoot, sit under a tree or near water, breathe deeply & slowly with the intent to pull in clean energy.

Transmute Negative to Positive

Let go of the past: forgive both yourself & others. Pray for those who have hurt you.

Protect Yourself

Shield yourself from negative elementals, entities and thought-forms: When you experience a negative thought, neutralize it by laughing about it or finding the silver lining.

Strengthen Your Core

Strengthen your energetic core: meditate, or just be still, for a few minutes each day.

Connect with Divine Energy

Pray. Gather with others to honor the Divine, whatever that is for you.

Focus on Love

Think often about who or what you love, whether people, pets or plants! Spend time with them. Put their pictures around you.

Learn Energy Healing!

There are many classes everywhere. Becoming more energy sensitive and learning to work with energy will help you heal yourself.

Do What Gives You Joy

This is the most important one of all! It will raise your vibration and keep you energetically strong.

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