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Pranic Healing is at the Awaken Center!


Now at The Awaken Center in the Plymouth Meeting Mall, in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania!

Join us and experience Meditation on Twin Hearts followed by short, individual healings with a Pranic Healer. This beloved meditation opens the Heart and Crown Chakras to fill us with peace, serenity and love. It can also activate our Clairvoyance and Inner Knowing. In this blissful state, you will experience Pranic Healing. Hosted by Pranic Healing Bucks County.

An Evening of Pranic Healing


2nd Thursdays, 6 - 8pm
Meditation on Twin Hearts followed by 15 minute, individual healings. Perfect to relax & recharge!

Cost: $25 at the door or $21 in advance



An Afternoon of Pranic Healing

3rd Saturdays, 12 - 2pm

Meditation on Twin Hearts followed by 15 minute, individual healings. Perfect to relax & recharge!

Cost: $25 at the door or $21 in advance


Pranic Healing Journey

Longer healings of 45 minutes are available on the 2nd Thursdays and 3rd Saturdays, an hour before and an hour after each Pranic Healing event. (Check the schedule for the day you'd like to come. Other days & times are available upon request). An experienced Pranic Healer will work with you one-on-one, in a private area at The Awaken Center. These sessions are ideal for deep physical or emotional healings as they can specifically address any physical illness or emotional dis-ease. They're also great for inner exploration and discovery. 


Cost: $60


Generational Healing

Are you struggling with repeating patterns, negative cycles, or unexplained anxieties that seem to run deep in your family? You're not alone. These burdens can linger generationally, impacting our lives in ways we don't even realize.


Pranic Generational Healing offers a powerful path to break free. This unique holistic approach, rooted in the science of Pranic Healing, helps clear and cleanse the energetic ties that bind us to past experiences, inherited negativity and the karmic burdens of our ancestors. By severing energetic cords to past traumas, disintegrating negativity and clearing ancient blockages, your Healer will pave the way for positive energies to revitalize your aura and ancestral field. This can help you break free from debilitating cycles and reclaim your personal power.... release family karma and foster healthier, more balanced bonds with loved ones.... and create a brighter future for yourself and generations to come, free from the chains of the past.


Also on the 2nd Thursdays and 3rd Saturdays, 45 minute sessions before and after each Pranic Healing event. (Check the schedule). 

Cost: $80


Expo Crystal Healings

At the next Awaken Holistic Expo on March 23 & 24, 2024, Pranic Healing Bucks County will offer Crystal Healings. Your body will be covered in sparkly, super-charged Pranic Healing Crystals that will re-vitalize, restore, and re-new you.... just like this. Sessions are 30 minutes.

Cost: $39


Energy Healing Hacks class 

This one and a half hour class, at the end of the Awaken Holistic Expo on Sunday, March 24, 2024, teaches powerful shortcuts, tips & tricks based upon Pranic Healing. Taught by Alison Sahoo, CPPT, the class will use teachings from Your Hands Can Heal You, a Pranic Healing book, as well as other techniques. (This book will be available for sale during the class but is not necessary for it). Both experienced Pranic Healers as well as new students will learn useful healing techniques that can be applied to physical ailments, emotional distress and even life situations (money, relationships, etc.). 

This class is perfect preparation for new energy healing students who are considering the April, 2024 Basic Pranic Healing class (see below).

Tuition: $69

Basic Pranic Healing class

Basic Pranic Healing (Level 1) is a 2 day class that teaches everything you need to help heal yourself & others, both in person and remotely.

Taught by Alison Sahoo, CPPT, it's a comprehensive training that covers energy anatomy & how the major chakras work, protocols for treating many common physical illnesses & stress, and lots of hands-on practice.

The next Basic Pranic Healing class at The Awaken Center will be Saturday, April 20 and Sunday, April 21, 2024. This class also includes a gift certificate to The Awaken Store.

Tuition: $450

Pranic Healing is a no-touch form of energy medicine that restores health & wellness by removing energetic barriers to healing. It helps the body & mind heal faster and easier from virtually any condition and is complementary to all forms of care including conventional medical treatment, psychological therapy & alternative healthcare.

Here's what a few people have said about Pranic Healing: 

"After the session, I felt much more relaxed. There was less stress & tension. My muscles had loosened up" David

"I felt amazing. The pain was completely gone" - Jacqueline

"I'm very pleased with the sessions. I don't feel the need to eat to self-soothe anymore. I feel loved & supported....  I feel awesome!" - Paula F.

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