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Along with many anecdotal reports of successful healings, a growing body of research supports the validity of Pranic Healing as a means to facilitate healing of a wide range of physical and emotional illnesses. However, less research has been conducted to investigate the underlying mechanisms of action of Pranic Healing and its key concepts.

The QPPS group was formed to conduct meaningful, scientifically valid and reliable research to quantify and describe these phenomena.

In March 2022, the group carried out a feasibility study. The results indicted that more research and experimentation was needed. Funding was approved by the Pranic Healing Research Institute in September 2022 for a more comprehensive project, which began in November 2022.

For a set of Prana Energy Terms & Definitions, click here.

Quantum Physics Prana Studies (QPPS)

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The QPPS research group includes many volunteers! If you would like to be part of a team working on the leading edge of science & metaphysics, contact us!

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