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Corona Virus fear is sweeping the planet. Schools are closing, events are being cancelled and virtually every group & company is taking measures to contain the spread.


You’ve read the articles comparing Corona Virus with influenza. You’re following updates, know the symptoms and are keeping on top of current news. So we’re not going to repeat any of that.


In this event, Anne Marie Susas, MS, CBP, CSYT, will talk about how to deal with the Corona Virus situation from an energetic perspective.


The Corona Virus contagion is triggering different responses for people based on how they deal with fear. Fear is an energy and has a consciousness that appears to be growing as it is fed by the energy of other people’s fear. That fearful energy can cause stress which depletes a person’s immune system. This makes them more susceptible to dis-ease.


We will discuss how to deal with fear in a healthy way, including by taking responsibility for self-care. We will share suggestions for things you can do to support your energy body and immune system. We’ll also talk about what you can do, energetically, for your friends & family. We’ll discuss energetic tools, including energy healing, as well as the benefits & limitations of specific techniques such as the Pranic Healing Corona Virus protocol.


This event will include a breathing exercise to release tension held in the body AND a group healing. 


Questions and sharing of information are welcome!

All participants will receive a free replay of this event.

COST: $10

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Anne Marie Susas, MS, CBP, CSYT, RYT500, has over 30 years experience in the health and wellness field. She starting her career an emergency room social worker but later took time off to raise her children. It was in a yoga class, when a guest teacher from Ireland told her “You know, you are a healer.”  This teacher intuited a knowing that wasn’t in Anne’s consciousness at the time, but it did spark a deep study of yoga, meditation and energy healing. 
Almost a decade later at another chance meeting with a local shaman, Eagle Skyfire, Anne was told, “You will heal many in fact, thousands!” Dumbfounded Anne asked, “How do you know this?” Skyfire responded, “I know because of the many Spirits that walk with you.” 
Anne ended up studying and developing her natural gifts of intuition under this shaman for 6 years. During that time, Anne opened her own yoga and wellness center and built her private healing practice. 
Anne considers herself a perpetual student and currently in her last year of the “Way of Love” program offered at Inner Source Healing, Malvern, PA. Anne is a shamanic healing practitioner and energy healer. She is certified as a BodyTalk™ practitioner, Pranic Healer, and Holy Fire Reiki Master. At her healing office in Malvern, Pennsylvania, Anne does remote sessions serving clients all over the country. She is also the owner of a yoga and wellness studio called Sweet Pose also in Malvern, PA where she teaches yoga classes and offers yoga therapy. 

Learn more, or contact Anne, at

Knowledge Masters features very advanced Pranic Healers who share their knowledge & insights on timely topics. They are often expert in multiple fields and typically reside outside of Bucks County.

All information is intended for educational purposes only and is based upon the experiences of the presenter. It is not intended to replace allopathic medicine, but rather to complement it.

No one associated with this event will diagnose disease, make any health claims, prescribe any medications and/or treatments, or guarantee any outcomes.

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